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Exceptional Service

Unlike other homecare companies who say they deliver good service but often fall short,  Brighter Care delivers on that promise.  Our Customers are the focus of our business and we back up our commitment with:

Care Tracking Online
We understand that you want to be sure your care is being provided reliably and so you and/or your family can track each visit online at our website through our Online Care System. This will show you the record of the visit, which Personal Assistant carried it out and any pertinent information that came out of it. You can also directly message us if you have any queries.

24hr Service Guarantee
If you ever feel that the service we provide falls below the standards you expect, then just let us know, within 24 hours of the event, and your next visit will be provided free of charge.

24hr Service Line
If you need to contact us out of hours, or in case of emergencies or unforeseen events, we have a 24hr Service Line that will connect you to a senior member of the team.  Equally it may be necessary for you to cancel a care visit, from time to time.  If you inform us at least 24 hours in advance, the scheduled visit can be cancelled with no charge.

Service Reviews
To ensure that you are satisfied with the care and service you receive, and that it meets your on-going requirements, we offer regular Service Reviews. We can discuss your experience of our service and we can agree any adjustments that may be required.

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